Aerial of the St George's Terrace, York Site
3D visual of proposed St George's Terrace, York

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Oakgate Group Ltd would like to know what the local community thinks of plans to redevelop the former Tramways Working Men’s Club (WMC) site on Mill Street, York.

Before a planning application is submitted to City of York Council, we are consulting on proposals to bring new residential development to the site. Plans also include improvements to create a pocket park  at the rest gardens next to the site, where legendary highwayman Dick Turpin is thought to be buried.

To have your say, please complete a feedback form here. Alternatively you can contact us in 0800 089 0362 or

St George's Terrace, York, Site Diagram
Tramways Club


The site is the former Tramways WMC on the corner of Mill Street and George Street, York. Tramways was purpose-built in the 1960s for the club to relocate from another York site. Following a vote from its members, the club closed and sold the site to Oakgate for redevelopment.

As a typical 1960’s Working Man’s Club, the existing building adds little to the streetscape and the neighbouring Grade II Listed St George’s Church.

The application site also covers the adjacent rest gardens, which includes Dick Turpin’s grave, off George Street.


Landscape Plan
3D visual of proposed St George's Terrace, York
3D visual of proposed St George's Terrace, York roof terrace

The proposals have been sensitively designed to take account of the Grade II Listed St George’s Church, the site’s location in a conservation area and the character and heritage of the surrounding streetscape. The height and massing of the building is appropriate for the site and will mark a vast improvement on the existing building.

3D visual across the street of proposed St George's Terrace, York
3D elevation of proposed St George's Terrace, York

The proposals include:

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35 apartments all with outdoor space and workspace to reflect the changing nature of city living
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A mix of 1, 2 and 3 bed homes
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Lower ground cycle storage for 24 cycle
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Improvements to the adjacent rest gardens to create an ‘urban pocket park’
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Solar panels on the roof contributing to the building’s energy requirements


The building will be set back from the boundary with the rest garden to respect the existing mature trees, proposals will retain a tree lined character to George Street.

The ground floor apartments along the Mill Street frontage will have outdoor space with some greening and landscaping along this boundary.


Essex-born Dick Turpin was a member of a gang of thieves and became a highwayman when one of his group was killed and the authorities were close to catching him. Under the name John Palmer, he fled to Yorkshire and was finally tried and sentenced to death for stealing horses. The infamous Dick Turpin was executed in April 1739 at the gallows in York in front of a large crowd of onlookers and buried in St George’s Church yard on George Street.

A small headstone reads ‘John Palmer otherwise Richard Turpin the notorious highwayman and horse stealer executed at Tyburn April 7th 1739 and buried in St George’s churchyard’ in the rest garden opposite St George’s Church on George Street. Although some believe that his body was moved shortly after his death and that the headstone was added centuries later, the tombstone remains a popular tourist attraction for the city.

The pocket park is a small area of space for public use with some gravestones in the centre.

3D visual of the rest garden, St George's Terrace, York

As part of the planning application it is proposed to make a number of improvements to the pocket park to enhance the experience for residents and visitors.

The proposals include:

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Enhanced landscaping with soft wildflower edges beneath trees, planting to enhance colour and long grasses

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New seating

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New widened public footpath with an attractive bound gravel surface

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Provide a potential location for an art installation, referencing Dick Turpin’s grave


We welcome your thoughts on our proposals for the pocket park.


Before a planning application is submitted to City of York Council for the proposals, we would like to know what the local community thinks. To have your say, please complete the feedback form below.

If you have any queries, or know friends or family that cannot get online and would like a paper copy of the information sent in the post, please contact us on 0800 089 0362 or

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    The data you provide is being collected by Royal Pilgrim Communications (who can be contacted on 0800 089 0362 or The lawful basis for processing this data is Legitimate Interests for the purposes of this consultation, to gather your opinion on the proposal and to enable us to contact you regarding the project in the future. You can opt out of any contact, by ticking the box below or by contacting us at any time. You do not have to provide any personal data in order to comment on this proposal. We will not publish or share your personal data with any third parties. A copy of the comments that you make regarding the proposal will be provided to the local planning authority as part of the planning process and so that it can note the comments made, but no personal data will be shared, other than any personal data you choose to put in the comments box. Your personal data will be stored securely for the life of the project, which will be until the development is complete or a decision has been made not to go ahead with the project. You have the right to access, amend, object and remove the data we hold at any time. If you have a complaint, you can contact us or the Information Commissioner, whose contact details are available on their website


    3D visual of the approach to the proposed St George's Terrace, York

    We will consider all feedback received and where possible and appropriate make amends to the proposals. We will submit a planning application in the coming weeks. Should planning permission be granted, and there are no delays, we hope to start on site later in the year.


    Q: What is the mix of apartments in terms of bedrooms?

    There will be 21 one -bed apartments, 12 two-bed apartments and 2 three-bed apartments.

    Q: What will be tenure of the apartments be?

    It is anticipated that all the apartments be leasehold for sale.  Holiday lets and Airbnb uses will not be permitted.

    Q: Will there be any ‘affordable’ provision?

    An allowance will be made for affordable housing in accordance with Policy H10 of CYC Planning requirements, should planning permission be approved.

    Q: Will there be any parking for residents?

    There is on-street parking as part of the Residents’ Priority Parking Areas (Zone R18 Walmgate). The site is also well served by public transport and within easy reach of the train station.

    Q: Will you guarantee that you will make the improvements to the rest gardens?

    Yes. The works to the rest gardens will be within the s106 Agreement as part of the planning permission, should permission be granted.

    Q: When will construction begin?

    Subject to planning permission and there being no delays in the planning process, we hope to begin construction in the autumn.

    Q: How long will construction last?

    We expect the construction to take around 12 months.

    Q: What about disruption during construction?

    Once a contractor is appointed, a construction management plan will be in place to manage any disruption and we will monitor work closely. The contractor will follow the Code of Considerate Practice.